Stress and pressure, totally worth it!

Carla and Jannie from GivenGainSource

Carla Ferreira and Jannie Smith from GivenGain

My goodness today was a challenge! A roller coaster! Nervousness, anxiousness, stress, excitement and happiness.

Week 5 of the Grow Academy Bootcamp and GivenGain was in the RLabs space this week and took me and the rest of the recruits on a whole new journey, well it was new to me at least. GivenGain basically let each group come up with a campaign to raise awareness and funds for GROW and present our campaign at the end of the week which was today. I belonged to the group called Team Xtreme and  they are such awesome people, Rabia, Lance and Justine. We created a facebook page called My Growth First and a twitter profile @MyGrowthFirst as well as an activist profile on GivenGain where people can donate to our worthy cause. We also created our own awesome video from scratch which is now on youtube under My Growth First by Team Xtreme.

Carla capturing Team Xtreme's presentation

Carla Ferreira capturing Team Xtreme’s presentation

I’m so proud! Everything we did in a short amount of time. The stress and pressure was totally worth it after the relief we all felt. There was other groups as well with different campaigns such as: The Digital Bootstrap (campaign name: Chain Breakers). Digital Artisans (campaign name: Growing Shapers). The Legends (campaign name: Eat2Grow). I am extremely impressed with all the campaigns presentations and some videos that were made by recruits in one week! Really a creative bunch of youngsters. Team Xtreme

even won a spot certificate for best video (Hoeraay!)

The Grow Academy really challenges you and takes you to new avenues you never knew existed! I’d encourage anyone to enrol at RLabs for the Grow Bootcamp any day, that’s if you want to add to your life 😉

Team Xtream done by: Rabia Adamson

Team Xtream done by: Rabia Adamson


Ever heard of SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This plugin optimizes your website to become no.1 on google search.

This week (week 4of6) is Webgrowth week where we will go indepth with SEO and getting it set up. Today we all were overloaded by Neil Pursey with information and checking out the traffic on our sites and competitors of our website keywords, we also got some research tips and so much more!

It was a good idea from Wendy Jeffries to start our day with body combat! It was physical exercises we hardly do so it was good body food.

Rock on RLabs and Grow Academy!

Going Geek!

Gary started our day with the check-in. In groups we had to use the things around us to build something. My group built a house with bricks, another group made a cool water purifier and another group made a parashoot with a black bag and a pot-plant, it was really interesting to see what the groups came up with. The purpose was to make us think what we would do with the information we learn at RLabs and Grow Academy everyday.

Today’s session was with She’s the Geek! Monique Ross and Rene Parker did a great job, picking our brains a little letting us answer questions. We also were informed of more plugins and widgets for our websites and had loads of time to work on our sites.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


My group and our brick house, creative i know 😛


Rene inspiring us once again


Answering questions


Exciting times!

So it’s been a while, I’ve been quiet busy.

At the moment I’m back with the Grow Academy at RLabs, it’s week 3, Day 3. It’s awesome so far! I have a website!!! Yes that’s right, I do. Check it out:

I’m so excited about it, so cool of them to give us all our own domains, for free! I’m using mine as a Tourism networking type of site where I will blog about my tourism experiences, findings and basically tourism from my point of view. for this week we learned some coding, design, widgets, various plugins today that Rafiq Phillips took us through, ideas on how to use the site from a business perspective.

Thanks to @mattyza and @jeffikus and Hugh from Woothemes and Rafiq the awesome blogger of Web Addict