Grow Academy Summer Boot camp overview

Thinking back to the past 4 weeks that I was part of the Academy, It was a unique experience for sure.

I’ve learned so much, did so much, achieved so much, did things I would never have thought I’d do.

The first week with Woothemes was great and exciting. That was when I received my own domain and now I have my own website! check it out. I made it a Tourism blog because I like tourism and sharing what is interesting. In this week we got to think about what we want our websites to be like and we got to customize it the way we wanted it using CSS.



Preparing for the Friday presentations was intense but everyone’s websites are awesome! These are the websites:


The brilliant Rafiq Phillips from the webaddict enlightened us about the important plugins our websites should have and educated us on the different terms that I didn’t know before. And I now know that Google plus is important and quite fun actually!

Rafiq Phillips

Rafiq Phillips

She’s The Geek made us really have fun thinking and answering the questions and discussing the answers! Great time opening our minds.

She's The Geek session

She’s The Geek session

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) week was hectic! Information overload! We had different facilitators such as, Neil Pursey, Shu-aib Benjamin, Shaheed and Darryl. We got to register on Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Project SEO and Webgrowth. We were educated about the in-depth things of our websites and maintaining it and how to optimize it to be approved by Google and make you number 1 on the search engine. We focused a bit on the keywords and how to use it and covered many plugins, read this blog on Webaddict:  The 10 must have plugins to grow you blog. We were encouraged to network and comment on other blogs as well.

The week with GivenGain was awesome! Read my blog about it if you’re interested: Stress and pressure totally worth it.

The final week is going quick I can feel it, today is already almost over! They taking it easy on us letting us blog to some music. I’m glad because in this hot weather i don’t feel like doing more…

All the check-ins are brilliant everyday! I would advise anyone to join the Academy. Looking forward to the week ahead.

Ciao! 😉


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