Going Geek!

Gary started our day with the check-in. In groups we had to use the things around us to build something. My group built a house with bricks, another group made a cool water purifier and another group made a parashoot with a black bag and a pot-plant, it was really interesting to see what the groups came up with. The purpose was to make us think what we would do with the information we learn at RLabs and Grow Academy everyday.

Today’s session was with She’s the Geek! Monique Ross and Rene Parker did a great job, picking our brains a little letting us answer questions. We also were informed of more plugins and widgets for our websites and had loads of time to work on our sites.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


My group and our brick house, creative i know 😛


Rene inspiring us once again


Answering questions



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