Growing and learning

The boot camp day 3 and today, day 4 was absolutely fruitful. We learned so much that it is impossible to remember everything. I’m sure there was something that each one could take and run with.

Yesterday was all about Traditional PR (press releases such as newspapers) and WebPR (online news releases and news created by the public itself eg. tweeting about an incident that is happening). We were taught how to create news releases and when blogging, key words and linking is important for you to be easy to find. It gives you a voice and you should always be honest and transparent.

Today 4 ladies from Added Value came to educate us about Marketing insight and desk research. Research made interesting, there’s more to just researching, there are many stages and the planning stage and knowing exactly what should be researched is most critical. I’ve learned that when researching, you have to have an open mind on the topic and not researching things that only interest you. Research involves digging deeper as there is more to be found than what’s on the surface. Researches have to be inquisitive, curious, always wanting to know why? and eager to learn new things that is researched, regardless of your opinion on the topic. I loved the fact that researching can be fun as you dig deeper in a topic,you’ll find very interesting things. Search engines you can trust is very important.

When recruits are asked about the week, a lot still mention the pro shell from Tuesday’s session. I think it’s cool that we learning and taking in things we can use. Tomorrow, the last day of the boot camp, can’t wait to see what’s in store.



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