Day 2 of boot camp at RLabs

The 2nd day, leaving everyone very empowered and ready to take on the world!

We started the morning with a check-in where we had to find something close by in the environment that best describes how we feel. People came with very interesting objects. I had a flower because I couldn’t find a rose. My mother compares me with a rose because it’s soft, beautiful and gentle, so I felt as bright and summerish this morning as that bright orange flower was.

Today’s facilitator was a wonderful women, Max. She grabs your attention, uses awesome analogies and goes into depth with things and also gives part of herself to make you relate more… She asked the question, How do you make money online? and as the day went on she unwrapped the answer and made us think how internet can be used for business. She said you are not going to please everyone and that’s okay but you have to be strong and develop a “pro shell” which is strong and tough but also kind, it is being able to handle anyone laughing at you and your ideas. Being pro is being bigger than yourself and being different, dare to be different and not go with the crowd. I know everyone hears it all the time but don’t you think you hear it so much for a reason? Shouldn’t you actually take action and be different…? Be bold, be foolish if you have to, ask dumb questions, don’t be afraid to go back to the basics.

Max told us to think and write down how life would be if we didn’t make it or find a job or be pro. It got people to realise we would be nothing, purposeless and just like any other nobody that didn’t make it. Think about your calling and where you fit in. You have to find or make your place! Do something in real life, let people see. Don’t wait-create.

The key to making money online is finding a solution to other people’s pain, problems and what they are struggling with. She then had us think and write down what video would we put on youtube that would be a 5 minute teaching video. We all have something, some skill that we can teach. You learn best by seeing what other people are doing.

She mentioned 6 things that drive people and that we could provide or cater for. 

  1. People long to grow and learn,
  2. Be connected,
  3. Be an individual and special,
  4. People long for safety,
  5. Then excitement, thrill and edge,
  6. Then we want to leave a legacy. 

Can you offer people those things with your business? Find the thing that people would want to pay for with delight. You can sell anything online, the internet is a global market. What attracts people is being memorable by thinking differently. There is space for you.

She ended off with the analogy that an egg, carrot and coffee is all transformed differently by the same thing which is hot water. An egg might look like the inside is soft like it usually is but it could be deceiving and hard/boiled on the inside. So, the question was, how will you be transformed? 


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