Day 1 at the Grow Academy Boot Camp at RLabs

Today with excitement in the air was the 1st day of week 2 of the 6 week boot camp, which by the way has nothing to do with the army, it’s all social media! 

As part of my tourism internship and to expand my mind a little I was told that the boot camp would be good for me and I could sit in as a guest on the side lines. I was then asked to help with the social media coverage and then asked to take photos, as I was doing that, Monique said I must leave it and just join the recruits and be part of what is happening. I did not object to that!

We started the day the RLabs way with a unique check in and Bradley Naidoo from Chisana Tours treating us like soldiers. Craig Ross then gave us something to think about, the world beyond 2020. He encouraged us to push boundaries and build on things that already exists. We did two activities. For the 1st one, in groups we had to discuss how we would handle certain customers online, and the 2nd activity involved us having to think beyond 2020 and how we would promote a sushi restaurant that did not get much people in because of the winter season. The group that I was in went wild and thought big and far in the future, saying that we would have an app that would make the restaurant the coolest restaurant in the galaxy! The Intergalactic Sushi App! We said that the app would allow you to teleport yourself and your friends to the restaurant and each night would be a different theme. The app would allow virtual food samples that comes out of your mobile phone and also make online bookings. This app would be really cool to have in the future, I think it is too unreal and advanced to develop now. It was fun letting all the creative juices flow like that. 

Rafiq Philips, who works for MIH and has a very active website, did a presentation and said that you are what you publish on the web, so whatever you publish must make a difference and bring you a step closer to your goals. I like that. He also said we should share our ideas on our blogs and that’s what I will do.

So now we ending the day with an opportunity to blog. What a lovely day. 4 more days to go 🙂 ready to learn more!


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