A weekend I don’t want to forget

This weekend had so much in it and things I did that I never want to forget. I had some ups and downs but mostly ups.

Friday was brilliant! I went with RLabs to the Social Media for Teens class graduation. Chisana Tours had to do a tour on Table Mountain. So Bradley Naidoo asked me to speak about the fauna and flora of our Wonder of Nature! It was out of my comfort zone but I did it! I was a tour guide with Bradley for a few minutes. This time it was different to the normal tours I spoke on with my fellow Tourism students at CPUT. It felt good sharing my interest in the Mother City’s beauty.

The night I attended youth which was super awesome! We all working on a dance we will perform in church when we ready (I hope it’s soon). I love the people in the youth really, we like family or better!

My Saturday started with sad news of three matriculants that lost their lives in a horrific car crash and the forth one who fought for his life in hospital but today he is thankfully okay, just injured. My heart goes out to their family and friends. I’m not even that close to them but I still feel the pain, I can’t imagine what they going through. They are in my prayers. But my Saturday was well spent with my good friend Timothy. Always brightening my day.

My Sunday was once again brilliant! It was the Biggs Family day and this time Ramaine, (one of my family members who is in show business) she put together a production that many of us took part in. There was some singing, dancing, beat boxing, drag queen performances which was so funny, I even sang a solo in front of all those people with my sister, Amy’s support from behind the curtain lol. There was dedications, honouring, handing out gifts and our very own book compiled by Glendor with contributions from all the families. There was even modelling of Grizelda’s fashion line “Zadah designer wear” and also Marlene’s matric ball dresses she made. I got a chance to wear my matric ball dress and show off my aunty’s stunning work. We all had so much fun in the production, watching it and mingling and meeting new family members.

Biggs family book
Me singing “Thinking about forever”
Some of the Biggs Family

I love my Big Biggs family.


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