Be careful what you wish for.

I just love the feeling you get after being sick!

Last Wednesday I woke up with a terribly sore and scratchy throat and my voice was husky. I was so happy and loved the sound of my voice so much, when I tried to talk that I didn’t want to stop talking and laughing. I always said that I envy the people whose voices go husky because I wanted to hear how I would sound. I wanted my voice like that but I didn’t ask for the pain to come with it in my throat. 

I was supposed to rest my voice but I didn’t have the chance. I couldn’t resist screaming and reacting to the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 that I went to go watch the Friday night with my work colleagues at RLabs. I just loved the way my voice sounded but again I say I hated the pain and having nights coughing myself awake.

The Saturday morning I woke up and couldn’t take it any more. My mom took me to the doctor that concluded that I have bronchitis and gave me medicine. And now today my voice is healing, I’ll miss the sound of it though but I can finally sing again (excited).

I feel great, back to my old self. Thanks for all the prayer and care 🙂 God bless


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