Just Me!

It’s been a while since my first blog yes I know, it’s called procrastination, something myself and I’m sure many others suffer from. Well, now to introduce myself as I said I would. . .

I am a 2nd year Tourism Management student, age 19 (I went to school early). I am doing my 6 month internship at the moment with Chisana Tours at RLabs (Bridgetown). My identifier is “the girl with the long hair and glasses”. I’m part of my church’s worship team so I love singing with a passion especially songs that makes sense. I love singers and dancers and supporting people who have talent, it just makes me so excited. There’s not much that I dislike but to name a few, it’s reading and certain types of food (I’m picky with everything).

Starting with my household, I have 1 awesome sister that is older than me but shorter than me (I should stop saying that, it’s not nice). She loves me to bits and has the smart mind that I want. I have a supermom that really is good at just anything! She’s super smart, funny, straight forward, and brilliant at directions and remembering things. My dad is a wonderful man of God! He’s like the coolest pastor ever. He’s super fun and easy to talk to and very wise! I try to take all his advice. Then there’s my ma that lives with us, she likes making jokes with me and going the extra mile to do things for us. I have the most awesome friends ever, would never trade them. There are my childhood friends, my friends at home, at church, campus, school days and at the office where I do my internship. I love how they all understand me or accept me and all my weirdness, jolly and random traits that I have.


Crazy Me

I say I’m weird but I actually mean unique, I’m not like anyone else. I talk a lot, repeat myself and babble when I’m nervous. I focus on the good in everybody which is known to be one of my weaknesses as my loved ones tells me it makes me blind. I asked people what they think of me and it was all positive things people would say to make me feel good (and it worked) but I would describe myself as a special soft rose that only comes around once. I’m honest, funny (if you understand my humour) I’m pure hearted, hate getting into trouble of any sort, strong conscience I guess so I always try to do what’s right and good, I just underestimate myself a lot. I love big tight hugs, listening to people talk, helping and serving people, lifting others higher than me then I end up putting myself down, that’s not good but I keep doing it and feel intimidated when I shouldn’t be. I have a bad memory, horrible with car names, any brand names, phones and technology but RLabs and my mom helps me with that, she has her own blog too, Lady Socialite. I enjoy chatting on social networks and I laugh for everything and try to see humour in any situation. I love order, principles and things to be done right. I like sleeping, I have a lazy side, and I would chill and do nothing forever if I could. I’m bad with decisions, following directions, my handwriting and maths. I don’t always cry for movies or funerals I don’t know why, doesn’t mean I’m heartless.

I love sharing too and sharing this blog with you, it’s a way to express yourself, perfect for me and my thoughts. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me. God bless.


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